EDI translation, plain and simple.

Validate, transform, and acknowledge EDIFACT and X12 messages.

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Translate EDI data to and from XML

REST API or File-Based

Fresno runs as a language-agnostic REST API or file polling service in your data center or in the cloud. Deploy easily using current container management technologies.

Validation and Acknowledgements

Validate inbound EDI files and generate acknowledgements in either X12 or EDIFACT format. Validation rules can be customized for specific partner requirements.

Developer friendly


EDI to XML conversions
Validation Customization
REST API and File Integrations
Automatic Acknowlegements
Acknowledgement Tracking
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Open Source

Java Libraries and Utilities

StAEDI - Streaming API for EDI

Read and write X12 and EDIFACT EDI data with built-in validation. Support available, please email contact at xlate dot io for more information.

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Additional validators using the standard Java Bean Validation API.

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Property Inject

Access application configuration properties using simple CDI annotations.

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